See your main risk factors and exposed assets at a glance, plus download data for further analyses.

Alert System

Receive custom alerts based on the metrics that matter the most to your business.


Automate the reporting of exposure and incidents across your operations.


Integrate risk metrics directly within your terminals, information systems and decision-making tools.


Identify most prominent risk factors
as well as most exposed assets


Benchmark companies’ exposures
across various risk factors

Be alerted

Receive alerts when critical levels
are reached


Develop risk scenarios based on
historical and forecast data




Identify and track the factors that put your production or suppliers sites at risk. Anticipate disruption risks and better devise risk management strategies.


At a glance, identify most exposed companies. Impact and responsible investors, use ERP to identify critical challenges and opportunities in “green” investment.

Banks & Insurance

Submit your loan/insurance book to environmental risk profiling. Be sure you factor in the most relevant regional and local exposures.


Improve and streamline your environmental risks analyses to make your research process faster. Focus on the factors that matter the most. Build on latest scientific results & datasets.

Our trackers


Flood, Drought, Sea Level Rise, Water Pollution, Water Stress


Air Pollution, Icing, Frost, Heat waves

Extreme events

Storm surges, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Landslides


Soil erosion, Deforestation, Active fires, Biodiversity


Pollution incidents, Violations

And more on demand

Our trackers constantly analyse an ever-growing number of environmental and economic datasets, provided by a wide range of actors.

We also track regional/local specific sources as well as governmental ones, and offer the possibility to integrate your own commercial dataset subscriptions.

In Action #1 – Risk exposure at a glance

Our Risk profile view allows you to compare risk distribution over various metrics and determine exposure at a glance. Are your assets or suppliers more exposed to droughts, sea level rise, or heat waves? You can also perform peer group analysis across companies and sectors.

  • Quickly identify the risk factors that matter
  • See how many of your assets are exposed
  • Benchmark companies/commodities exposures

In Action #2 – Track the metrics that matter

Using our trackers, you can follow some key metrics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for all your assets. Factors include floods, droughts, heat waves, pollution incidents, violations, deforestation etc. Set up alerts to receive early warnings when critical levels are reached.

  • Select and track factors that matter to you
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates
  • Receive alerts when critical levels are reached

And more…

Power utilities: heat waves and climate scenarios

Global climate change is likely to be accompanied by an increase in the frequency and intensity of heat waves, putting thermal power operations at risk.

At a glance, see which power companies are the more exposed under various climate change scenarios.

China: Supply chain, war on pollution and compliance

The Environmental Risk Profiler integrates localized datasets, such as ministry reports and violation records.

Use our Environmental Risk Profiler to gauge local & regional pollution status. Manage reputational risk and check that suppliers are compliant.

Properties: floods, storm surge and sea level rise

Assess each property’s exposure to sea level rise across various climate change scenarios.

Our trackers also include the extreme sea levels caused by storm surges and high tides. Identify vulnerability to coastal and fluvial flooding.

Agriculture products: deforestation and active fires

A growing number of companies are devising responsible sourcing strategies. These often includes commitments on zero deforestation.

Use the Environmental Risk Profiler to check that suppliers respect their engagement, see historical deforestation rates and be alerted when active fires are detected.

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The Environmental Risk Profiler (ERP) is a project supported by China Water Risk and ADM Capital Foundation. ERP aims to help companies, investors and financial institutions identify most prominent environmental risks and integrate them within their business and investment decisions. With ERP, you can track a wide range of environmental risk metrics across all your assets or suppliers, leveraging the latest local and global datasets and proven data science techniques.

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