Why adopt the Environmental Risk Profiler?

Identify risks

Each Environmental Risk Profile allows you to compare risk distribution over various metrics and determine exposure at a glance. Are your assets or suppliers more exposed to droughts, sea level rise, or heat waves?

  • Quickly identify the risk factors that matter
  • See how many of your assets are exposed

Benchmark with your peers

Perform peer group analysis across companies and sectors. See how you fare, relatively to your competitors, or how your own subsidiaries perform against one another.

  • Benchmark companies/subsidiaries’ exposures

Monitor risks

Using our trackers, you can follow some key metrics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for all your assets. Factors include floods, droughts, heat waves, pollution incidents, violations, deforestation etc. Set up alerts to receive early warnings when critical levels are reached.

  • Select and track factors that matter to you
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates
  • Receive alerts when critical levels are reached

Anticipate risks

Many risk factors will be impacted by climate change. At a glance, see what various climate change scenarios could mean for your operations or assets.

  • Analyse sensitivity to climate change intensity
  • Create scenarios with various likelihoods
  • … and various time horizons


Identify hotspots

Environmental risks are all about location. The Environmental Risk Profile helps you map your operations, assets or suppliers. At a glance, see where the hotspots lie for various risk factors.


Identify and track the factors that put your production or suppliers sites at risk. Anticipate disruption risks and better devise risk management strategies.


At a glance, identify most exposed companies. Impact and responsible investors, use ERP to identify critical challenges and opportunities in “green” investment.

Banks & Insurance

Submit your loan/insurance book to environmental risk profiling. Be sure you factor in the most relevant regional and local exposures.


Improve and streamline your environmental risks analyses to make your research process faster. Focus on the factors that matter the most. Build on latest scientific results & datasets.


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Our services

Environmental Risk Profile

Know your exposure to environmental risks
Our environmental risk profile includes:

  • Most salient risks
  • Most exposed assets
  • Companies’ benchmark
  • Risk scorecard for each asset
  • Review of past events
  • Financial impact assessment

Risk Mitigation Strategy

Devise sound risk mitigation strategy
We devise strategies that are:

  • Targeted on more salient risks and most exposed assets
  • Facts based: learn from past events to build best practices
  • Scenario-driven: leverage our data insights to build realistic scenarios

Risk Monitoring

Receive alerts before things go wrong
We build systems that allow you to:

  • Monitor risks in real-time
    (flood, drought, cyclone, earthquake etc.)
  • Receive alerts when critical levels are reached
  • Increase your reactivity with early-warning systems

Download Environmental Risk Profiles



Environmental risk profile of 7,000+ airports worldwide, including airport operators such as Aena, Aéroports de Paris, Aena, Fraport, GAP, May 1, TAV and Vinci Airports.



Environmental risk profile of 20,000+ hotels, including international hotel groups such as Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Radisson, Hilton and Wyndham.


Power Utilities

Environmental risk profile of 25,000+ power plants from more than 1,000 power utility companies.


  • identification of most salient risks
  • benchmark of companies / brands
  • risk intensity under various climate-change scenarios
  • most exposed assets & hotspots

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About us

The Environmental Risk Profiler (ERP) aims to help companies, investors and financial institutions identify most prominent environmental risks and integrate them within their business and investment decisions. With ERP, you can track a wide range of environmental risk metrics across all your assets or suppliers, leveraging the latest local and global datasets and proven data science techniques.

ERP is operated by Lucence Ltd, a spin-off from China Water Risk and ADM Capital Foundation.

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